100% Waterproof

Top-notch technology wicks moisture, maintain breathability and keeps your feet dry for nearly TWO hours.

Nano-Filtering Membrane

Quality tested in collaboration with TUV Lab in Germany to  ensure performance --- marked on VIA's outsoles.

Reused Ocean 

P.E.T. Plastic 

Enhanced Toe

 Enforced with nano tech membrane to  prevent separation from wear and tear.

The Soles

  • Rubber, slip resistant outsole. Tested over 60,000 times for bending and movement.
  • Anti-microbial and shock absorbing insole ensures outstanding comfort.

Convertible Design

  • High top: Ankle protection
  • Low top: Cool breeze

A single plastic bottle can kill over 100 marine life

Marine life often eat plastic. This starves and kills them. Plastic litter may not decompose for 500 years. It will continue to find affect oceanic ecosystem.

Small action = big change

Small decisions like choosing an eco friendly product or saying no to single-use plastic makes a huge difference for the future of our planet. It's the easiest thing we can do to make a positive impact.